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Application for the RP Game [community profile] towerofanimus

Player Information

Name: Amy
Personal Journal: [personal profile] rougaroux
Age: 22 years old
Contact Info: AIM: liljewishgoy | Email: aiua.thread@gmail.com | [plurk.com profile] psychopomphic
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Information

Character Name: Tseng
Character Series: Final Fantasy VII
Character Age: Unknown, but appears in his early 30s.
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: Directly after the events of Advent Children.
Background Link: History link for Tseng.

Tseng is the consummate professional. As Head of the Department of Administrative Research, known as the “Turks”, he is expected to keep calm even in the most difficult of situations. And as the person in charge of a group that makes their living by being bodyguards for the president, as well as well-paid thugs, his life is full of difficult situations. He is the one who always has everything together, from his paperwork, to the lives of his fellow employees, and both are something that Tseng considers his highest priorities. That was more of a joker, but Tseng is not really the kind of guy who can make a joke that works well, though he is very good at sarcasm. In his line of work, jokes might be needed after a hard day of work, but they don’t have any place during the actual job itself. Tseng is always serious; it’s what people remember the most about him, after they meet him. He is excellent about his job, and is a bit of a perfectionist, working until all hours to make sure everything is as it should be. And when it comes to the missions that he goes out to, or sends others out on, they need to be perfect; losing the lives of other Turks is not an option, and if it does happen, Tseng does take it hard, though he might not show it to anyone else.

This is what has come about after years of being a Turk. When Tseng first started, becoming the second-in-command under Veld, his mentor needed to constantly remind him that he had to keep his personal feelings out of his professional life. He used to be rash and impetuous, taking each failure as a personal insult, and while he needed to be reprimanded a few times by Veld, he did learn how to do the job that needed to be done. Instead of becoming angry because something didn’t go the way that he wanted it to go, Tseng learned how to direct that anger inward and focus on making sure that the same mistakes didn’t happen again. Instead of becoming erratic, like so many others had before him, he became stable. While it seemed that he had become cold and heartless, it was the best mask to wear, and after some time, it did start to bleed over into his normal life. Not that there was ever really a “normal” life; as a Turk, you are expected to be on call at all hours, and that your mind, body, and soul belongs to the company. There is no other life outside of it, and to call it a family would be a little bit of an understatement.

There are plenty of skills that Tseng has, which makes his work invaluable to the company. A Turk can’t just be good in a fight; they also need to be smart, and have the ability to plan for every contingency. Tseng is a fighter, a master at martial arts, as well as knowledgeable in other types of fighting styles. Like all Turks, he has an extensive know-how in the use of almost every sort of weapon out there, from guns, to such things like the proper use for piano wire. But even more than that, Tseng has a strong will, fighting multiple times for his life, and coming out alive at the end of it. He has a very analytical mind, being able to see a plan, and then change it during it, if it needs it. Every problem has a solution, and he is able to come up with one quickly. Sufficient to say, Tseng is smart. He is very good at reading people, being able to anticipate their next move, or know if they are lying. This serves him well, especially since Tseng isn’t usually one of the Turks that go out on missions, rather, he’s the leader who sends everyone else out and monitors things from behind the scenes. While he does go on missions occasionally, especially those that need to be a success because of their importance, Tseng works as a bodyguard to Rufus Shinra.

The lines blur at this point, between professionalism and personal. Tseng has known Rufus for a very long time, and when Veld was in charge of the Turks, there were many times that Tseng was sent to keep an eye on Rufus and what he was doing. After some time, Veld confided in Tseng that if the Turks were to continue, they needed to align themselves with the person who would help them the most. Between the problems with Heidegger taking control of the Turks for a time, and having Rufus get involved with people who were set to double cross him, Tseng had to quickly learn that when it comes to a side, it’s better to be on the winning one. It made sense for him to pledge his allegiance to Rufus, even if it was in secret for a long time. When Rufus pushes himself too hard, Tseng pushes himself harder. In the past, Tseng had a problem with differentiating his feelings from the mission. When Veld is attacked, his first instinct is to go help his mentor; being reprimanded for that, Tseng had to learn that the completion of the mission was always prioritized first. Veld was hypocritical when it came down to that, since when Tseng was about to die, he didn’t leave him behind, saving him instead. What he said to Tseng afterwards would be something Tseng always remembered. Veld wanted the Turks to be loyal to the mission, but still good people at heart.

That is what Tseng has always kept in mind when it comes to leading the Turks, as well as trying to lead himself. While he was sent on a mission to bring Aerith to Shinra, his feelings for her got in the way of his work, and instead, he asked her to come in. When she refused, he understood, and he began to watch her for a very long time, letting his feelings develop, even though he knew nothing would come of it. Tseng can be ruthless, when the time calls for it, but he is not inherently a violent person. He lets people get into his world, and can call several people his friends, and not just acquaintances. When Zack and Cloud escape the Shinra mansion, Tseng sends the Turks out to find them, before the army does, knowing that they will die if the Turks are not able to take them in first. And even though he has feelings for Aerith, he has accepted that she and Zack are together; wanting her to be happy, he even holds 88 letters for her to give to Zack, when they find him. When Zack ultimately dies, Tseng feels responsible for it, and it has a profound effect on him. Failure is not something Tseng tolerates well, and his failures have always been when they are most important to him, such as not being able to help his mentor, Veld, save Zack, or keep Aerith completely safe from grief.

They, as Turks, have rules. Don’t become involved with the enemy. If you die, then die after completing the mission. Tseng has been wounded many, many times, and while he would say that he is not afraid of dying, that would be a lie. After almost being killed by Sephiroth, and then by the Remnants, he knows that there is something after you die. But it isn’t something he wants to go see any time soon. Tseng, after all, is human. Whether he is at work, or at home, he has a hard time relaxing, he makes mistakes, and that he feels terrible because of his failures. There are rules to follow, and Tseng can be a hypocrite when it comes to them, telling his coworkers to always follow the rules to the letter, and then not following them perfectly, himself. But, in the end, Tseng does have feelings. He is loyal to whatever he may need to be, but he is also a man who believes in honor, and he will do what he thinks is right, even if it’s against orders.


Tseng is a normal human being with above average skills, seeing as he is a Turk, and they all are a little faster and more resilient than others. He is very skilled with a gun, as well as other types of weapons. He is fast, and strong; in the world of FFVII, some superhuman abilities seem to be standard, such as surviving wounds that would be fatal for anyone else. An example of that would be when Sephiroth plunged a sword into him, leaving him for dead; instead, he came back alive, and with a pretty wicked looking scar. Tseng prefers using firearms when he has to fight, but he is a professional martial artist, and can quickly pick up other styles of fighting, as needed.

When it comes to supernatural abilities, Tseng is able to use Materia, which is a crystilzed form of Mako, the energy source in the game. Using Materia means that he, like others from his world, can utilize magical powers, as well as gain enhanced abilities. The Materia goes into three slots on his gun, on his belt, and on his gloves. He will have Restore, which heals people and himself, Haste, which causes him or someone else to move faster than normal, Sleep, which causes people to fall asleep, Fire and Ice Materia, which attack people with fire attacks and ice attacks. He’ll also have an All Materia, which is connected to his Fire Materia, and causes the attack to hit multiple enemies at once. He will also have Stop, which freezes a person in place, an MBarrier, which lessens the damage from magical attacks, and a Silence, which means the enemy can’t say anything.

Normal items are used to protect people from status ailments, or enhance their abilities. Tseng traditionally wears gloves, a ribbon, and a belt.

Sample Entry:

It seemed like all he did these days was paperwork. With the Remnants gone, as well as Sephiroth, there were not as many missions for him to go on. Most of the new ones were given to Reno and Rude, or even Elena, so that they could go out and check how things were progressing. They had all proven that they could handle things with a partner, or by themselves. Too many times they had shown that they could handle things calmly and rationally, in any type of situation. A far cry from how they used to be, something that let a smile dance on Tseng’s face before disappearing with a sigh. Running a hand through his hair, he picked up the hair tie on his desk, debating for a moment whether he wanted to pull his hair back in the ponytail, or keep it down. More for less of a distraction, he pulled it back, the hair longer now than it used to be when he first started.

Hair didn’t mean the same thing in Midgar that it did in Wutai. Hair like Tseng’s was a symbol of status, of maturity. People looked at his long hair as a conscious choice of style, something to distinguish him from the rest of the Shinra dogs. It wasn’t like that, though. Back in the land of his birth, hair was kept long and groomed, so that it would not insult anyone. Tseng kept his hair long, but never unkempt; to have messy hair would tell people something about him that was just not true. He was always ready to appear in public, and not make a statement that he was different. That was what it all came down to. Back home, having messy hair meant that Tseng was going against the grain, and trying to stand out. Here, he showed that he was part of the crowd. A person in a line of people who looked exactly the same, in their suits. A wall of black.

It had been a long time since they were a wall. That may have contributed to his mood today; making plans that couldn’t start just yet. He needed to gather informants that had once been lost, and they needed to expand the Turks. They had the help of the others, in the beginning, but Tseng was not entirely sure if he could count on Veld and the others in this trying time. To survive, they needed more people than the “Four Aces”, and to do that meant that Tseng could not take the time to relax. He’d even taken to wearing a ribbon, just so that he didn’t need to sleep. It could be said that he was working just as hard as Rufus Shinra was, one floor above him, if not harder, all to make sure that this presidency excelled.

Another sigh and Tseng could feel the headache start forming. Not bad enough to warrant using something, but enough that it could be an annoyance later on, today. Putting the pen down, he pulled the hair tie out, letting his hair fall around his shoulders. It would be less of a strain with it down, and he quickly dialed the number for Elena’s office, keeping the speaker on. Leaning back, he began to massage the cramp out of his gun hand.

“Elena, would you come in here, please? There are a few reports we need to go over.”