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Dreams for Dream Plot at [community profile] towerofanimus

A list of dreams that Tseng will probably have during the dream plot:

Dream #1: Uncertainty

While Tseng was being groomed for the director position, he was sent on a mission with one of the legendary Turks called, simply, "Legend". Tseng is wary of this man, since he has seen him before it a much different capacity, but he knows that he needs to do his job. After telling Legend that he needed to rescue a weapons dealer in the warehouse, Legend proceeds to then blow up the building and the weapons dealer inside it. Tseng became even more angry when Legend was placed under house arrest in Costa del Sol, a beautiful beach that people vacationed at. When Tseng confronted Veld about this, he learned the full story; the weapons dealer was the one to kill Legend's friends.

Tseng understood why Legend did what he did, once Veld had told him the pertinent information. This was the time when Tseng began to see that even the Turks were not immune to ideas about revenge. The thing is, Tseng wasn't sure then if he approved of it, or if he thought it clashed with some of his other ideals; if the Turks could take part in revenge schemes, then how would anything get done? This dream involves Tseng watching the warehouse blow up, and then flashes forward to him listening to Veld.

Dream Sharing With: Goro Majima

Dream #2: Happiness and Pleasure

When Tseng was still a rookie, he was sent on a mission to find information about a ShinRa soldier that had been kidnapped. Finding the soldier on a ship in Costa del Sol harbor, Tseng believed that getting the soldier out of there safely was the right way to finish the mission. During this mission, he also found that the enemy had been buying ShinRa weapons from the black market and storing them on the ship. His mission as a Turk would be to investigate this further, but the soldier needed to be taken out of there; Tseng decided to finish his mission of saving the soldier. Veld reprimanded him on this afterwards, telling him that his duty as a Turk is more important then helping someone. Together, Tseng and Veld go back to the ship to find out more information. Ordered to go to the control room, Tseng had to delete the files from the computer, while Veld went to the hanger to destroy the weapons. During this, the enemy was able to almost escape with a hard copy of the computer files which had been destroyed, and Tseng could see that Veld was getting hurt by attacks. Tseng tried to go help him, but Veld reprimanded him again; a Turk's first priority is the completion of the mission. Tseng hunted down and killed the enemy, and then he could go help Veld. One enemy was still alive, and he attempted to sink the ship with the Turks still on it. Tseng got caught under a steel girder, and when he urged his mentor to leave him behind, Veld stayed, risking his life to free him.

Once he's in the ShinRa medical facility, Veld explains to him that, because his original mission was complete, he was free to decide if he wanted to help his coworker, and he chose to do that. This was because Veld wanted the Turks to be like that; loyal to the mission, but still good people at heart. Veld then gave Tseng a Full Heal Materia found on the ship, instructing him to keep it safe. This whole thing made Tseng proud to be a Turk, and prouder to have someone like Veld looking out for him. This was probably the first time Tseng felt proud of something he had done, and pleased with the fact that the person he wanted to make an impression on, did. The dream takes place while Tseng is pinned under the debris, telling Veld to leave him; it then goes to the infirmary, where he's asleep in bed, and Veld is watching him.

Dream Sharing With:

Dream #3: Love and Protectiveness

Tseng has looked over Aerith ever since she was a little girl. He was tasked with bringing her in, but he always seemed to be putting it off. He would go and ask her if she'd be joining, but he never fully grabbed her and took her to ShinRa. As the years went on, his feelings shifted, becoming more protective of her and making sure no one hurt her. He loved her. He still loves her. Even when Zack came along and they started dating, he never stopped keeping an eye on her. While he and Aerith weren't friends, they were friendly (as much as Tseng could be while being a professional). She would give him flowers. Mostly, he watched her from behind one of the church walls, a place he would hang out at for a long time.

Tseng loves her, with everything he has. He just wants her to be okay, and he puts off his mission of bringing her in to ShinRa because he knows she doesn't belong in a laboratory, being inspected and shot up with who-knows-what. He watches her every other day or so, and only sometimes does he go and talk to her. The dream is simple; Tseng watches her from behind a wall, his usual place to check up on her without having to actually interact with her. She usually is cultivating her plants, that little spark of green in a world of gray.

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Dream #4: Wistful and Jaded

The first mission Tseng ever took with Zack, it was an information gathering mission, to find out anything they could about Genesis and Angeal, in their hometown of Banora. Zack had no idea at the time that Angeal was from the same town as Genesis, while Tseng knew pretty much everything there was to know. After walking through a grove of Banora White Apples, also know as "Dumb Apples", they saw that the village, once busy and prosperous, was now a ghost town. With no one around, the two of them set about looking for Genesis' parents home. Upon finding an empty home, Tseng noticed a freshly dug grave, and telling Zack to go find Angeal's house, Tseng went through the grave on his own. He found the bodies of Genesis' parents in their, newly dead. Later, meeting Zack on the cliff overlooking the abandoned factory, Tseng tells him this information, and how they can't expect reason from either of them.

When Tseng tells Zack about Genesis' parents, he's shocked by what that means. Tseng isn't; by that point, he's seen what mankind can do, when they don't care about anything anymore. It's then that Tseng feels a little wistfulness, even while he keeps his mind on the mission. He can't remember a time when he didn't know about the evils of men, and he's not shocked anymore by what they do. As he tells Zack, Turks are paid more then SOLDIERS are, which is why they aren't bothered by digging up grave sites. Obviously that isn't true, but the truth is much more terrible; they've seen too much. The dream will take place as Tseng is digging up the grave of Genesis' parents, from when he starts, from when he finally finds the bodies.

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Dream #5: Incomprehension

While Tseng had gone on a mission with Zack before, the one that took them to Modeoheim started with their helicopter crashing on a snowy mountain. Tseng, Zack, and two ShinRa lower level soldiers (meaning not SOLDIER) are forced to walk to Modeoheim on foot, in the snow.

During this whole mission, Tseng doesn't understand how Zack can be so cheerful during everything. His mentor is gone, presumably dead or working for Genesis and his new army, of which they are told to destroy, and yet Zack is befriending the ShinRa personnel, laughing and joking and making fun of the others because they can't keep up in the snow. It's much like how Reno confuses him at times; he could be joking because it's easier to handle tough things with a joke, or he could genuinely be a happy person. The latter is what Zack is, and Tseng doesn't fully understand it. The dream takes place during the walk up the mountain, Zack and Cloud up ahead, while Tseng watches from behind.

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Dream #6: Doing something you don't want to do

After Veld defected from the Turks to find a way to save his daughter, Elfe, the Turks learn that he is being held by ShinRa, while they were out searching for the Materia that would help Elfe live. With an assist from Rufus, they are able to locate Veld, and while Elfe is saved, Fuhito is able to launch his plan and summons Zirconiade. While the Player Turk kills Fuhito, the Turks who were kidnapped (Tseng, Reno, Rude, Veld, and also Elfe) are told that if any of them want to survive, Veld and Elfe need to be killed. Tseng shoots them both.

While Tseng did shoot them, he was only pretending to shoot them; they both end up surviving in the end. But being told to shoot his mentor was a very hard thing to hear, even if he and Veld had planned for years what to do in that sort of situation. When it came down to it, they both knew that the Turks were more important then just one man. It was still a very difficult thing for him to do, though. This was the man he had looked up to forever, and who he had thought would always be there, even if on a logical level he knew that wouldn't be the case. Tseng would pretend more things along this nature, but this was his first time doing so, and so it's something he could never forget. The dream takes place right before the Turks are told that they need to kill Veld and Elfe; once it's said, everything seems to go in slow motion, as Tseng retrieves his gun and hesitates before shooting.

Dream Sharing With: [AU] Reno

Dream #7: Loss and Failure

After the the events in Nibelheim, the survivors of the incident were taken to the ShinRa mansion and hidden away in the basement. All of the Turks were very indecisive about it, and eventually they were dismissed by their leader, with Veld staying behind to oversee it. Four years later, with Tseng now in charge of the Turks, Zack and Cloud managed to escape from the mansion. Knowing that his friend would be killed, Tseng sent out the Turks to apprehend them before ShinRa did. Despite his best efforts, Zack was killed on the slopes outside Midgar, and Tseng was not able to deliver the 88 letters that Aerith had given him to give to Zack.

This is one of the worst losses for Tseng; while Zack was a SOLDIER, Tseng could consider him a friend. So, when Zack dies, even though Tseng did all he could, it still hits him hard. There's also the feeling that he let Aerith down, as well as letting Zack down. The failure of this mission has torn Tseng to shreds in the past, and it's still something he doesn't like to think about, now. The dream takes place while Tseng is sitting in the helicopter, watching the ShinRa operatives gun him down while he's in the truck, even though they weren't supposed to.

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Dream #8: Fear and Grief

Tseng, after becoming Turk leader, usually does not go out on missions, instead sending his other Turks to go out. But when ShinRa tells the Turks to bring in Aerith, whatever means necessary, Tseng is conflicted. He was told to bring her in years ago, but never did, because of his feelings for her. This time, to make sure she wasn't harmed, he kidnapped her, just as Reno dropped the Sector 7 plate in Midgar, which killed thousands of people. Aerith escaped with the help of Avalanche, and the Turks were tasked with finding Sephiroth, next. Once Tseng is given the key to the Temple of Ancients, he and Elena go in to find out more information. it's during this time that Tseng asks Elena out to dinner, which she accepts. Once Elena leaves, though, Sephiroth appears, impaling Tseng on his sword. Badly wounded and near death, Tseng crawls to the opening of the Temple, meeting Aerith for the last time. While he does escape from the Temple before it's turned in the Black Materia (most likely because of the Full Heal Veld had given him), it takes time for him to recover, and it's during this time that he finds out about Aerith's death.

Tseng's dream about this event starts out with the sword actually going through his chest, and then goes on to him crawling to the entrance of the temple. While Tseng says he isn't afraid to die, like any good Turk, in the end, he is truly afraid of it. There's a difference between saying you're not afraid, and actually being it, and if anything, this near death experience has taught him that he shouldn't try to hide that part of himself from himself. The dream moves on, showing Aerith's face before he passes out, and then hearing the words "she's dead" echoing over and over. Quick scenes of her talking to Tseng will show, one of her giving him a flower, another of her laughing at him, and another of her working with her plants.

Dream Sharing With:

Dream #9: Terror and Helplessness

Two years after Meteorfall, which devastated the entire planet, Tseng and Elena were sent to the Northern Cave to retrieve Jenova's remains. While there, they get attacked by The Remnants (Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz), and are then subsequently tortured, before they are rescued by Vincent valentine. He healed them as best he could, and helped them regain the abilities to move around and fight as best they could.

The torture is the most important aspect of this; Tseng, while not a real fan of torture, has also been trained well to withstand it. Elena, on the other hand, while not longer a rookie, hasn't had the training when it comes to that. Tseng is in pain during all of this, but the screams that he can hear from his partner make everything worse then usual. During this dream, Tseng is tied up, and can only struggle against his bonds as he hears Elena's screams.

Dream Sharing With:

Dream #10: Displaced and Unneeded

After being tortured by the Remnants, and then being saved by Vincent Valentine, Tseng and Elena arrive just in time to save President Rufus ShinRa as he falls from the top of the building. Both Tseng and Elena shoot out a net, which he then falls into, so Rufus doesn't hit the ground.

During this part of the dream, Tseng must come to the realization that, while he was there for the president when he needed him, that he's not really needed anymore. Anyone could have done what he just did, and while he will do whatever Rufus commands, it's no longer about what Tseng can do; it's all about what the Turks can do. And this is a very hard thing to come to terms, with. The dream takes place when he's standing on the edge of the building, looking up and waiting for Rufus to fall.

Dream Sharing With: [AU] Reno